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Red LED Light Recommendations for Skin Rejuvenation

Maysama Green Rooibos Pressed Serum is popular for use with Red Light Therapy as a Combination Therapy to improve outcomes of your LED light treatment for skin rejuvenation.

Maysama have partnered with US manufacturer and leading supplier of Red Light Therapy devices, Mito Red Light, and other recommended suppliers to offer discounted deals on the best Red Light treatment devices for skin rejuvenation.   Our recommendations are based on targeted treatment devices, wavelength, high power output, low EMF emissions, and affordability.

MitoPRO 300 + Maysama bundle

Manufacturer: Mito Red Light

MitoMOD 300

Manufacturer: Mito Red Light

Red Infra Combo Mini

Manufacturer: Red Light Man

Red Infra Combo light

Manufacturer: Red Light Man

Please be advised that Maysama is an affiliate to these companies, which means that we earn a small commission on sales.  The recommended devices are based on our own research. Maysama partner with reputable companies and only recommend devices which meet our recommended performance specification for skin rejuvenation purposes and represent best value for money.

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