Before and Happy Ever Afters!

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Maysama knows that Green Rooibos and Red Light makes a perfect pairing for pro-aging benefits. Our Aspalathin-enriched Green Rooibos Extract has been proven to increase the rate of mitochondrial respiration, which speeds up the production of cellular energy in the form of Adenosine Triphosphate [ATP]. Red and near infrared LED Light Therapy also increases the production of ATP, by influencing the rate at which the last enzyme in the electron transport chain produces ATP. When you combine the two, green rooibos* & red LED, you amplify and accelerate outcomes for skin rejuvenation.

Seeing is believing though! And there is nothing quite like a few Before & After images for a little proof of the pudding! I’m excited to share some consumer feedback for Maysama Green Rooibos Pressed Serum from our lovely customers.


Before & Afters

With over 35 years in the beauty industry, 70-year-old retired paramedical Aesthetician, Pam Chin, is no stranger to skincare. So, when Pam contacted me excited to share her results from using her first bottle of Maysama Green Rooibos Pressed Serum with red light therapy (6 weeks application), I know she is paying Maysama a huge compliment. In Pam’s words;

‘The results on my neck have been outstanding. Thank you for this wonderful product! I’m a huge fan!’

Independent tests* show an increase in skin elasticity of 55% and reduction in wrinkles of 30% when combining Maysama Green Rooibos Pressed Serum with LED Light Therapy treatments (compared to 20% and 10% with LED alone).

Rosacea & Erythema

Before & Afters

Like me, YouTuber, Tina Marcinkiewicz @TinasBestMidLife has rosacea. I am all to familiar with rosacea flushing and flare ups, so when Tina contacted me to advise how much Maysama Green Rooibos Pressed Serum, partnered with her Mito Red Light panel, had helped reduce flushing, I was over moon.

Independent tests show a reduction in erythema of 30% when you pair Maysama Green Rooibos Pressed Serum + LED (compared to 13% with LED alone).


Before & Afters

Pigmentation issues, including melasma, sunspots and post-inflammatory pigmentation are a common skin complaint, for which consumers frequently seek skincare solutions.

Long term customer, Elizabeth Varney, from the United States was delighted to share the changes to her freckled complexion after introducing Maysama Green Rooibos Pressed Serum as a co-treatment with her Red Light Therapy.

Independent tests show a reduction in pigmentation of 23% when pairing Maysama serum with LED (compared to 9% with LED alone)

*View the results to our independent product tests here


The proof is in the pudding. Start your combination therapy and reap the benefits of Maysama’s unique hero ingredient – Aspalathin-enriched Green Rooibos Extract – for supercharged Red Light Therapy!

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Tri-pack - Maysama Green Rooibos Pressed Serum

Tri-pack - Maysama Green Rooibos Pressed Serum

Maysama Green Rooibos Pressed Serum

Maysama Green Rooibos Pressed Serum



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