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LED Hair Growth Comb

LED Hair Growth Comb

Combat hair loss and thinning, encourage hair regrowth for fuller, denser hair.

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Our innovative 4:1 device combines LED light therapy, with three dermal technologies; microcurrent, radio frequency and electroporation, to improve scalp health and stimulate hair growth. Maysama’s targeted hair treatment device helps to increase hair density and volume for healthier, fuller-looking hair.

Key features:

  • Uses pulsed LED light technology for better absorption of cosmetic ingredients.
  • Combines red and magenta LED to stimulate hair growth (red) and manage water/oil production (magenta).
  • Combines four proven hair-growth stimulating modalities - LED light therapy, radio frequency, electrotherapy and electroporation.
  • Presents a refillable serum-well for use with any hair growth serum of your choice.
  • Comfortable, easy to hold handle.

Most users experience significant new hair growth in 2-3 months. 

Directions for use

To reduce hair fall, or to increase hair growth, it is recommended to use Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb once a day for three months. After 3 months, reduce usage to 3 times a week to maintain results.

  1. Press the switch to turn on the device. The magenta light turns on by default and the RP output (EMS, EP and RF) is automatically set at level 1. When using for the first time, it is recommended to use gear 1 for RP output and then gradually adjust according to the degree of perception. You may feel a slight tingle on the scalp or you may not feel any sensation, according to your degree of sensitivity.
  2. Press the LED key to select your preferred LED mode Magenta / red / red + magenta / red + magenta pulsed.
  3. Using the RP button, select your preferred intensity for EMS (Radiofrequency and Electroporation remain constant).
  4. Fill the well with your preferred hair serum or apply product directly to scalp [optional].
  5. Apply the comb to the scalp. The electrode comb teeth should fully contact the skin. Slowly move the comb in the direction of natural hair growth.
  6. Repeat several times over the same section before moving on to a new section.

The comb will automatically shut down after 10 minutes of use. If you want to pause the operation, you can press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to shut down.

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Maysama Comb Reverses Hair Loss | It Works!

Four Proven Hair-Growth Stimulating Modalities

LED Light Therapy [LED]. Pulsed LED light therapy increases uptake of hair care products, as well as increases microvascular circulation to bring more nutrition to your hair follicles, reduce inflammation and increase cellular energy. LED light therapy stimulates growth (anagen) phase re-entry in resting (telogen) hair follicles, to prolong the duration of the growth phase and increase rates of proliferation in active anagen hair follicles.

Microcurrent [EMS]. Microcurrent penetrates the dermis to stimulate the hair follicles to grow and multiply, as well as transition from the resting phase (telogen) to the growing phase (anagen).

Radio Frequency [RP]. High Frequency electromagnetic waves penetrate the epidermis to promote metabolism and have a deep warming effect. During treatment, each of the electrodes (pins) transmits the electrical RF current in a uniform pattern to the target area on the scalp, creating localised stimulation which promotes hair growth.

Electroporation [EP]. Needle free electroporation acts directly on the skin and instantly enhances the permeability of the skin tissue. During electroporation, an electric pulse creates temporary pores in the double lipid cell membrane, facilitating the penetration of hydrophilic molecules into the cell.

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