Hair Way to Heaven!!

Hair Way to Heaven!!

Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb

When it comes to looking good, our hair is right up there with our skin, so maximising hair growth and reducing shedding is vital to our wellbeing. For those of us not blessed with luscious locks, we are constantly seeking ways of volumizing our hair. 

Whilst I have never had thick hair, as a woman over 50, I have experienced both hair thinning and increased shedding. It is important to understand that hair thinning and hair shedding may have different causes. Hair thinning (androgenic alopecia or male/female pattern hair loss) refers to reduced hair density and is attributed to each hair strand becoming finer over time. Hair thinning happens slowly over a long period of time and is not always accompanied by increased hair shedding. Hair thinning is generally related to male hormones (androgens) in our body, which are predetermined, and is a result of the growth phase of your hair cycle becoming progressively shorter.

Factors affecting hair loss

Hair Shedding, on the other hand, is usually triggered by illness, stress, changes to nutrition (or deficiencies) and childbirth. Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint the reason because the shedding usually occurs six to twelve weeks after the event that triggered it.

From hair growth serums to supplements and microneedling, I have tried it all over the years, with varying degrees of success. As an advocate of red light therapy, LED is the one modality I can depend on to get real results, so introducing an LED Hair Growth comb to Maysama’s range of LED beauty devices is a logical next step.

Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb

Before we delve into the mechanics of how Maysama’s new LED Hair Growth Comb works, let’s get a better understanding of the hair growth cycle.

The average life cycle of a hair shaft is about three and a half years, with a growth rate of half an inch per month.

There are three stages to the growth cycle;


Anagen is the growth phase which lasts two to seven years. At any one time, around 85% of hair is in the growth phase. Melanin is made in the hair bulb during the anagen phase.


Catagen is the transition phase when the hair stops growing and becomes detached from the base of the follicle. The hair bulb begins to break down and the follicle becomes shorter. This phase lasts for 2 to 4 weeks and, on average, 1% of follicles are in the catagen stage.

Stages of hair growth


Telogen, is the resting phase. During this phase the hair does not grow but stays attached to the follicle. At any one time, approximately 10-15% of all hair is in the telogen phase, which last for three months. After which the hair follicle re-enters the anagen phase and a new hair begins to form.

Successful strategies for hair growth focus not only on reducing shedding but also on prolonging the growth (anagen) phase and achieving re-entry of more hair in the anagen phase.

Enter Maysama’s LED Hair Growth Comb, which combines four hair growth-boosting technologies, which work together to stimulate new hair growth and reduce hair fall. Let me introduce you to each modality in turn.

LED Light Therapy [LED].

For those of you less familiar with the principle of LED, red LED light has a proven bio-stimulatory effect, which speeds up the rate at which cellular energy, in the form of the energy molecule ATP [Adenosine Triphosphate] is produced. More cellular energy results in downstream effects, which increase the rate of cell growth and reproduction, and protein synthesis, all of which are important for hair growth.

Red Light therapy

Maysama’s LED Hair Growth Comb uniquely uses pulsed LED light to stimulate hair growth. Red LED at 660nm wavelength increase microvascular circulation to bring more nutrition to your hair follicles, reduce inflammation and increase cellular energy. Magenta LED combines red at 660nm and blue at 430nm wavelengths, to help balance water and oil production from the scalp.

For resting (telogen) hair follicles, LED light therapy stimulates re-entry into the growth (anagen) phase. This prolongs the duration of the growth phase and increase the rate of proliferation in active anagen hair follicles.

The use of pulsed light increases the uptake of hair care products, as the action of switching on and off the LED light causes cells in the hair follicle to expand and contract. When the cell contracts, it takes up micronutrients which surround it.

Radio Frequency [RF].

Radio frequency is a popular modality for skin rejuvenation but also has benefits for hair growth. High frequency electromagnetic waves penetrate the epidermis to promote metabolism and have a deep warming effect. During treatment, each of the electrodes (pins) transmits the electrical radio frequency current in a uniform pattern to the target area on the scalp, creating localised stimulation which promotes hair growth.

Electroporation [EP].

lipid membrane electroporation

Less familiar for many of you is electroporation. This non-invasive intervention acts directly on the scalp and instantly enhances the permeability of the scalp tissue. During electroporation, an electric pulse creates temporary pores in the double lipid cell membrane, which facilitates the penetration of hydrophilic molecules into the cell. Hydrophilic molecules are ‘water loving’ molecules, which struggle to penetrate though the cell membrane because it is made of lipids, which are hydrophobic. Unlike radio frequency and microcurrent, electroporation is an intervention at the cellular level which precisely targets cell membranes, without affecting the extracellular matrix.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation [EMS].

Electrical muscle stimulation is a form of electrotherapy which penetrates more deeply into the dermis than radio frequency and microcurrent. This electrical stimulation promotes follicle cell growth and reproduction, as well as a transition from the telogen phase to the anagen phase.

Altogether, these four hair growth-boosting technologies will help optimise your scalp condition, and maximise hair follicle transition to the growth phase to promote new hair growth.

Let’s get set up!

Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb

When you receive your Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb it will already be charged but we recommend that you use the USB cable provided to fully charge it before first use. When it is fully charged, the level indicator will stop flashing and be fully lit. Charging your Maysama LED comb take around 2.5 hours and, when it is fully charged, your device can be used for about 70 minutes.

Each time you use your comb, it will beep after each minute to remind you to move to a new section of your scalp.

You can use your Maysama LED Hair Growth comb with or without hair growth serum. Unlike other brands, Maysama does not insist that you buy products from Maysama for this purpose. Whilst Maysama has products in development, which will complement our LED hair growth comb, you can use any hair growth serum of your choice with your Maysama LED comb.

Many phytochemicals including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), caffeine, rosemary oil, red ginseng and curcumin, to name but a few, have been reported to have hair growth-stimulating properties. Also, nicacinamide has been shown to increase hair growth.

Aspalathin-enriched Green Rooibos Extract.

Maysama Toner

Maysama's research collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Institute, South Africa, confirms that our Aspalathin (main flavonoid in rooibos) has many synergies with EGCG from green tea, which has been reported to have hair growth-stimulating properties.

More importantly, Maysama’s independent product tests confirm that our hero ingredient, Aspalathin-enriched green rooibos extract, works synergistically with red LED light to accelerate and amplify outcomes. Research studies at the South African Medical Research Council show that Aspalathin increases the rate of mitochondrial respiration, which upregulates the rate at which cellular energy (ATP) is produced. ATP drives all cellular processes required for hair growth, including cell replication and protein synthesis (including collagen). It is this aspect of Maysama’s hero API ingredient which supercharges the effect of your red light therapy device. So green rooibos and red LED are, without a doubt, a powerful duo for hair growth.   

S-hair-ing is Caring!

Getting started with your Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb is simple. When you are ready, press the switch to turn on your Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb. The magenta light turns on by default and the output for the combined hair growth-boosting modalities is automatically set at level 1.

If you are using your LED comb for the first time, it is recommended to use Level 1 for output and then gradually adjust according to your degree of perception. Ideally you will feel a slight tingle on the scalp.

Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb

Press the LED key to select your preferred LED mode. Choose from magenta LED, red LED only, red plus magenta, or red plus magenta with pulsed light. Red light at 660nm increases microvascular circulation to stimulate hair growth, reduces inflammation and increases cellular energy to stimulate hair growth. Magenta (red + blue LED) helps manage oil/water balance to reduce excess oil production. Pulsed red LED plus magenta LED light aids the absorption of your hair growth products.

Then, using the RP button, select your preferred intensity for radiofrequency (RF), EMS and electroporation [EP].

Hair Serum [optional]

Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb

It is not essential to use a hair serum with your Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb but we do encourage you to pair it with your favourite hair serum for better results.

If you are using a hair serum with your Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb, then simply pop out the serum well, pull up the rubber plug and inject the hair growth serum with the pipette provided. Then replace the plug and put the lotion serum well filled with hair growth serum back into your LED comb. To check the lotion is expelled easily, gently press the top of the comb teeth with your fingers. If the product is not expelled easily, the product may be too thick, so you can add a little water.

How to Use Your Maysama LED Hair Comb

You can use your Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb on wet or dry hair. Once you have switched on your device and selected your preferred treatment level, apply the comb to your scalp [the electrode comb teeth should fully contact your skin] and slowly move the comb in the direction of natural hair growth. Repeat this several times over the same section before moving on to a new section.

Your comb is treating your scalp, not your hair, so it is not necessary to extend the brush stroke all the way to the end of your hair. Ideally you will want to maintain contact with your scalp at all times. 

Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb

Recommend Usage

In the three first months, try to dedicate a few minutes each day to use your comb. If you can't manage daily, then a minimum three times weekly will put you well on your way to a healthy scalp, new hair growth and reduced hair fall. You can use your Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb for targeted treatments for problem areas of hair growth or for an all over scalp treatment. Our multi-benefit LED comb helps to reverse hair thinning and treat hair loss. Just in case you enjoy it too much and don’t want to put it down, your Maysama LED comb will shut down automatically after 10 minutes use!

After three months, if you have already achieved great results, you can reduce usage to three times a week to maintain your results.

My Personal Experience

Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb


I used to not like my hair, but then it grew on me!  Sorry, I couldn't resist!!

I honestly couldn’t wait to get my hands on this device! As someone who has battled with thinning hair for many years, I need all the help I can get. I’m super excited to share my personal results with you soon. I have been using Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb continuously now for six weeks and already I have experienced less hair fall and I am also excited to see new hair growth across my treated areas. I will update this blog shortly with my before and after pictures, as I extend my treatment.


Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb

Maysama LED Hair Growth Comb

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