Bian Stone Gua Sha LED Facial Massager

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Our 4 in 1 device combines Gua Sha, LED light, heat and vibration therapy to relax, re-energise and rejuvenate your skin.

Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique intended to address stagnant energy, called chi, that practitioners believe to be responsible for inflammation.

The practice of Gua Sha helps to relieve facial and muscular tension, increase microcirculation, reduce inflammation, improve lymphatic drainage to release toxins and promote healthy, glowing skin!

Bian stone is a healing stone popular for use with Gua Sha technique. The main component of Bian stone is microcrystalline limestone, which contains more than 40 kinds of rare earth and trace elements that are beneficial to overall health, such as strontium, titanium, chromium, manganese and zinc. Bian stone is also understood to emit ultrasonic impulses with anti-aging effects.

Heat and vibration increases microcirculation and LED wavelengths penetrate the skin to enhance cell metabolism and aid skincare product absorption. Recommended for use with Maysama serum, facial oil or similar skincare.

Maysama’s Bian Stone Gua Sha is ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your face. Convex and concave side for jaw sculpture and massage of acupoints. 

Stylish, lightweight and portable Maysama’s Bian Stone Gua Sha is the perfect beauty accessory and traveling companion! Wireless technology. Battery life exceeds 4 hours before recharge.

Main Benefits

  • Releive facial and muscular tension
  • Even out fascia and release toxins
  • Improve lymphatic drainage
  • Reduce inflammation 
  • Increase microcirculation
  • Improve product absorption

Choose from 2 variations 

Red + Near Infrared - skin rejuvenation

Red + Blue LED - antibacterial

Recommended For

This product is recommended for

  • anyone with facial tension
  • looking to promote skin health generally
  • or would enjoy a relaxing ritual

This product is not recommended for

  • people with dermatitis, skin damage, eczema, swelling, etc.
  • individuals classified with darker skin tones as classified by Fitzpatrick phototype IV-VI on account of heating function, which could trigger melasma. Heat can be deselected.


    Directions for use

    Directions for Use

    (1) Key operation

    1. Power on/off: long press the power button for 1 second (when the power is on/off, the buzzer will be beep for 1 second)
    2. Mode switching: short press the M button after power on.
    3. Gear switch: short press the power button after power on. Select from 9 gears for each mode.
    4. The product automatically shuts down after 9 minutes of no use.
    5. The products automatically switches off after 15 minutes of continuous use in a single mode

    (2) Functional Mode

    Four modes (boot default mode one)

    Variation 1 - REd + Near Infrared

    Mode 1: Red + Near Infrared [IR] + Vibration [VIB]

    Mode 2: Red + Near Infrared [IR] + Vibration [VIB] - Pulsed Light

    Mode 3: Red + Near Infrared [IR] + Vibration [VIB] + Heat [HOT] continuous wavelength.

    Mode 4: Red + Near Infrared [IR] + Vibration [VIB] + Heat [HOT] - Pulsed light.

    Variation 2 - Red + Blue - Antibacterial.

    Mode 1: Red +[IR] + heat [HOT]
    Mode 2: Magenta [IR] + vibration [VIB]
    Mode 3: Blue [IR] + heat [HOT] + vibration [VIB]
    Mode 4: Red + Blue [IR] + heat [HOT] + vibration [VIB] - Pulsed Light

    The modes are intended for personal choice. Pulsing light is recommended for optimum uptake of skincare products. Heat and vibration increase microcirculation. Heat can be deselected if preferred.

    (3) Recommended Protocol

    1. Apply skincare product(s) of your choice – mist, serum, facial oil (or all 3).
    2. Turn on Gua Sha device with long press (1 second) to power button.
    3. To choose your preferred mode, short press the M button and select from 4 modes.
    4. Hold the Gua Sha tool ‘flat’ on the face at a 30 to 45-degree angle. Apply light to medium pressure and sweep up in the direction of the arrows shown in the diagram [see images]
    5. When you reach the end point of each arrow add a little wiggle of the device.
    6. Repeat each section 3-4 times, as desired.


    Irradiance [power density] - 8mw/cm2.

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